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solutions for aviation.

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Whether you are an aircraft owner, working at an FBO or as a procurement manager for a world class airline, you have come to the right place. We have the products, knowledge and experience to help you find what you need and get it shipped to your doorstep.

From small, urgent disinfection & cleaning requests to whole hygiene concepts, our staff are qualified to assist. Get in touch and we are guaranteed to find the right solution for your product needs. We are your reliable partner in cleaning & disinfecting aircraft interiors.

Markets we serve

  • Aero / Aviation (airlines, airports, MROs)
  • Care / Healthcare
  • Essential Businesses (schools, organizations)
  • Retail / Hospitality (gyms)

BacobanWB Disinfection & Cleaning Products

  • Alcohol-free | For surfaces, medical fittings and equipment
  • Residual antimicrobial effect for up to 10 days
  • Effective against Coronavirus | Practical applicability tested in the 4-field-test
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Dura-MaxTM Protective Face Shield FS-1000

  • Comfortable wrap around lens | Lightweight | Durable
  • Exceptionally clear lens | Ideal for fast paced environments
  • Anti-fog medical grade lens
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Mediseptic® Hand Sanitizer Station

  • Contact-free hand disinfection | Lasting protection for 2 hours within seconds
  • Ensures even application + protection
  • Voice output over loudspeakers + monitor
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