Hygienic Hand Disinfection

Natural Ingredients
  • 120 minutes long-term protection
  • Skin friendly and alcohol-free
  • Protection against bacteria and viruses up to 99.999% (>Log5) including Coronavirus
  • Hygienic hand disinfection according to European Standard DIN EN 1500

Through a unique combination of active and inactive ingredients and a proprietary multi-step activation process, the benzalkonium-based hand sanitizer MediSeptic Antiinfectant A50 increases virucidal activity to 99.999% (>Log 5) in less than 30 seconds. It keeps harmful pathogens away for a minimum of two hours and provides the safest protection against infectious diseases available today.

Branding: purify.
The stable column construction is made of aluminium composite material and is firmly riveted at the ends.
2 Branding

Content: 1 piece