Long-term surface disinfection & coating

For up to 10 days
  • Cost saving due to significant reduction of cleaning times and chemicals
  • Long-term solution instead of short-term disinfection
  • Transparent & permanent protection coating against viruses and bacteria
  • Clean, Protect and sanitize - 3 in 1.
  • High Tech – Made in Germany.
ULV Cold Fogger E2
Strong airstream ejects microscopic particle sizes between 5 and 50 microns.
2 Branding
2 Voltage


on request

TiTANO® Surface treatment
For the highest standard of surface hygiene!


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ebCoating AV 400
Easy to apply microfiber cloth for transparent & permanent coating against viruses and bacteria.

Content: 1 package


B1 - Bacoban WB Concentrate
Concentrate for disinfection and cleaning with residual effect - for additional safety
4 Content


on request

B3 - Bacoban DL 3%
Content: 1 Litre
Ready-to-use disinfection solution for use in connection with a vaporizer or fogger

3 Content

Content: 1 Litre