Shipping & Payment


By default, we only ship to the countries listed below. Shipments are generally sent via selected delivery services. Applicable shipping charges are listed in the chart below.  For shipment to any other country, please send us an email ( stating article and quantity as well as the shipping address including country and correct postal code. We will inform you within short whether shipment to country stated is possible and let you know about any applicable shipping charges.

I. Shipment within Germany

up to 5 kg 4,99 €
up to 10 kg 7,99 €
up to 20 kg 9,99 €
up to 31,5 kg 14,99 €
up to 41,5 kg 22,99 €
up to 62 kg 29,99 €
up to 72 kg 37,99 €
up to 93,5 kg 44,99 €
up to 103 kg 52,99 €

II. Shipment to foreign countries

We ship to the following countries:
Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Rep. GB, Romania, San Marino, Sweden , Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Vatican City

Delivery times vary from those within Germany and are listed separately for each country.

up to 10 kg 19,99 €
up to 20 kg 28,99 €
up to 31,5 kg 38,99 €
up to 41,5 kg 53,99 €
up to 62 kg 57,99 €
up to 72 kg 77,99 €
up to 93,5 kg 86,99 €
up to 103 kg 106,99 €

For shipments to countries outside the European Union additional costs which are not covered by us, but are the responsibility of the customer may apply in certain cases. Among these are costs of monetary transactions through financial institutions (for example transfer fees, currency exchange fees) or import duties or taxes (for example customs fees).



I. National Deliveries

For deliveries within Germany we offer the following payment options, unless stated otherwise in the product description:

  1. Payment via PayPal
  2. Payment in advance

II. International Deliveries

For deliveries to foreign countries we offer the following payment options, unless stated otherwise in the product description:

  1. Payment via PayPal
  2. Payment in advance

III. Detailed information regarding individual payment options.

Payment via PayPal: payment is made through payment provider PayPal using your existing customer account information, without having to re-enter your payment information. Further information is available at

Payment in advance: If payment is remitted to the account shown on your invoice, your order will be shipped within two working days following receipt of your payment.

Payment Terms, Late Payments

  1. Customer may choose payment in advance or PayPal. aviationscouts GmbH reserves the right to limit payment options from which the customer may choose, depending on order value, shipping region, or other factual criteria.
    Invoice is included with shipment.
  2. Should payment option chosen by customer fail to be effected due to insufficient funds in customer’s bank account or incorrect data provided despite contract conditions being fulfilled by aviationscouts GmbH, customer is responsible for any additional costs incurred by aviationscouts GmbH or any third party engaged.
  3. aviationscouts GmbH has the right to engage the services of a trustworthy third party for payment collection:
    1. in case of late payment, aviationscouts GmbH reserves the right to refer the claim to a collection agency and may provide any and all pertinent personal data to respective third party.
    2. in case a third party is involved in such collection procedures, payment to aviationscouts GmbH is not valid until the amount of the payment has been made available for unlimited access to said third party.
  4. No discount will be granted.
  5. Orders for aviationscouts GmbH Design Services generally require payment in advance.
  6. in case of late payment of a large part of the invoice amount, or if the demand for compensation by aviationscouts GmbH is in jeopardy, aviationscouts GmbH has the right to make all debts become payable immediately if after conclusion of the contract it becomes apparent that demand for compensation due to lack of capability of the other party is in jeopardy in accordance with §321 BGB.
  7. aviationscouts GmbH reserves the right to further claims for late payments.