ULV Cold Fogger E2

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Product number: EQU-E2-BRA-220V
Product information "ULV Cold Fogger E2"

ULV Cold Fogger E2

  • Capable of atomizing water or other chemicals in small sizes.
  • Strong airstream ejects microscopic particle sizes between 5 and 50 microns.
  • Well suited for applying disinfectants, deodorizers, insecticides, etc.

Product Specifications:

  • Motor Output: 1,250 W
  • Capacity of Chemical: 3l
  • Injection Distance: 5-10m
  • Particle Size: 5-50 micron
  • Power Source: 110V/220V
  • Size: 160 × 550 × 250 mm (net)
  • Weight: 3.0kg
  • Cable Length: 5m

Main characteristics and features:

  • Strong injection and ultra-low volume spraying function ensures the penetration and diffusion of the solution to fine areas.
  • It can be used with water- and oil-based solutions
  • Can spray different chemicals, such as insecticide, germicide, freshener, antibiotics.
  • Very easy to use and efficient due to its powerful spray.
  • Can cover 100 square meters in less than two minutes.

Additional Features:

  • Speed control allows user to change the spraying distance and droplet size.
  • Control the amount of chemical.
  • Air vent valve installed on chemical tank.
  • Chemical tank easily replaceable, emptied and washable.


The E2 ULV cold fogger can be used in places such as aircraft, public transportations, public areas, hospitals, schools, commercial facilities, private homes, etc. 

With this device users work 6-7 times faster than with a traditional sprayer, taking into account savings on this and chemical means, economic benefits to traditional sprayers. The ULV has a slider to adjust the particle size between 5 and 50 microns. It also has a slider to control the desired power. 

Category: Longterm-Disinfection & Coating