ebCoating AV 400


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Product number: EBC-C4
Product information "ebCoating AV 400"

ebCoating AV 400

antiviral & antimicrobial
  • Transparent & permanent protection coating against viruses and bacteria effective on plastic and metal surfaces for 12 months
  • Long-term solution instead of short-term disinfection
  • Useable directly on the components, even inside the aircraft
  • 99% of viruses will be eliminated within 30 minutes, tested according to ISO 21702:2019

Have you ever considered how many germs accumulate on an armrest and tray table between cleanings? This is one of the dirtiest parts of an aircraft seat, and can be contaminated with pathogens, viruses or other germs. ebCoating AV 400 protects the surface of the armrests and tray tables against infection. Thanks to the complete closed surface without pores, armrests and tray tables allows a much easier and more quickly cleaning and disinfection. The biological active compounds anchored in the varnish attack the virus shell. As a result, the virus shell becomes porous and kills the viruses and thus infections can no longer be triggered. Corona viruses normally stay on surfaces for up to nine days but now the risk of infection can be reduced by 99%.


All surfaces must be clean and free of grease. Not to be coated areas must be taped off.

User application:

Coating protection used for plastic and metal smooth surfaces. Check wettability and adhesion before use Unsuitable for absorbent surfaces such as leather, textiles or any other absorbent materials. Processing temperature +5°C to +40°C at relative humidity <70%.


Always use protective gloves and safety glasses while coating. Wipe surface evenly with cloth. Touch dry after 30 min. Coated surface can be cleaned with Tegesin or A-18S, no warranty for other cleaning agents. After coating the surface may differ in gloss level and color compared to original, please check before coating.

Category: Longterm-Disinfection & Coating